Grill and barbecue for an outdoor kitchen corner

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An outdoor kitchen completes very well an outdoor furniture project and fits perfectly into the space for the outdoor dining area. Among the various solutions available you can choose between mobile or fixed outdoor kitchens. Mobile outdoor kitchens are smaller, have a compact shape and can be moved to different parts of the outdoor area. The fixed outdoor kitchens are larger but offer all the comforts of a traditional kitchen. The barbecue is an alternative that allows you to enjoy the open air space. A garden barbecue is available in different models, from the smallest with only a grill to the largest that also offer the possibility of using a comfortable table top.

The choice of the external kitchen model starts with an evaluation of the spaces. The compact design of a small, mobile kitchen makes it space-saving and can be moved as needed. A monobloc outdoor kitchen is a small solution, equipped with every comfort and made of materials resistant to the action of external agents that also ensure a good degree of thermal insulation. Fixed outdoor kitchens are larger, more comfortable and similar to indoor kitchens and therefore require more space.

Another element to consider is the power supply to the kitchen and therefore opt for an outdoor gas kitchen or an electric garden kitchen. Finally, aesthetics contributes to the final result of a garden furnishing project: masonry outdoor kitchens are still the preferred ones, followed by modern design outdoor kitchens.

The barbecue is an alternative to the classic outdoor kitchen: less invasive and bulky, it is a practical and very popular solution. The barbecue models available are different and each of them corresponds to specific needs. The masonry barbecue is a fixed solution for frequent use and can be of two different types, with or without hood. A masonry barbecue without a hood allows you to place it in the middle or in a corner of the garden, while the barbecue with a hood must be installed near a chimney.

The metal barbecue is a modern model that can be placed where you prefer and is often mobile, to be used when necessary. Among the latest models there are also electric barbecues. The wood-burning barbecue or charcoal-burning barbecue, on the other hand, offers the possibility of enjoying traditional cooking on embers.

The outdoor stoves, braziers and garden fireplaces allow you to comfortably enjoy an outdoor space in any season. Actually, outdoor stoves and fireplaces allow to heat in a localized way a portion of the garden or terrace and make it usable even in the coldest seasons. Many types of outdoor stoves are available on the market, which often have the same shape and size of an indoor stove. The gas stove is still the most popular model, but the outdoor radiant stove is a solution that is rapidly gaining ground. It does not heat the air, but the surface of objects and people, without dissipating heat. Outdoor fireplaces can be freestanding or built-in, table-top or suspended, and should be chosen according to the available space and personal needs.


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