Garden Greenhouses and their possible configuration

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Greenhouses open to a variety of possibilities for all those who love gardening or horticulture. Thanks to the climate that is created inside these structures, it is indeed possible to grow and keep plants and vegetables that would normally be affected by seasonal variations. The market is full of different models with specific functions and characteristics.

The choice ranges from mini-greenhouses that can be disassembled, ideal also for balconies or terraces, to tunnel greenhouses perfect for fruit trees or plant cultivation, until reaching the big fixed and professional structures for outdoor open spaces. Garden greenhouses can also be supplied with particular specifics and details, according to the particular function they will serve be it plain garden cultivation, blooming and forced growing of plants and flowers, roots multiplication or drying of agricultural products.

Garden greenhouses are normally composed of a metal structure and a cover in treated glass or plastic materials such as PVC or polycarbonate. The floor is of utmost relevance, as it needs to ensure the right thermal insulation and a balanced moisture level. Lateral foldable openings preserve from bed weather and parasites, while granting the proper ventilation to the environment. There are also the entrance doors that need to be large enough to allow the passage of materials and various equipment. Eventually, it is recommended to include a water collection system, so to possibly use rain water for irrigation.

Farming techniques in garden greenhouses must consider different factors and parameters in order to ensure the right balance and the ideal climate for your plants. The first aspect to be taken into account is obviously temperature. In order to control and adjust it there are different devices. The environment temperature can be brought up with warm air heater; on the contrary, to cool the air down, forced ventilation systems can be used and be monitored through a specific thermostat. Another factor to think about is the moisture level.

In this case too there are specific tools on the market that can value the appropriate percentages and make sure these values are kept constant and unaltered. Last, but not least, is the irrigation method that needs to be the most suitable for your crops. Here as well, there are diverse types; with manual or automatic set up; with stronger or more feeble jets; with downwards or upwards orientation. You can therefore opt for the one that best matches your spaces and needs.

Garden greenhouses are not uniquely for growing plants. Besides plain structures with a merely technical appeal (specifically thought for the gardening domain), there are also a multitude of solutions that can turn this space into a proper room with see-through walls to enjoy moments pf pure relaxation. You can decide to customize the space according to your tastes; you can give shape a small vintage-styled living area, with an armchair and a coffee table, a tiny sofa or a charming chaise longue. Thanks to garden greenhouses you will enjoy the beauty of nature all year round and you will be able to be in contact with nature, while sheltered from the bed weather.


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