How to fully customize your kitchen environment

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Cookers are being reinvented and redesigned today to become true technology and style jewels! Originally there were only gas cookers. Now they’ve evolved and they are multi-functional: gas, methane, LPG, electric… this kind of kitchen is really versatile because it lets you connect it to whatever kind of supply, even to a simple gas tank. Their sizes are standard: 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm wide and 85 cm high and 60 cm deep. In the largest models there’s a chance to insert more than one oven.

The main construction material used is stainless steel but you can choose more fanciful materials which have vitreous enamel doors in lively and modern colors.

Freestanding cookers can come with accessories according to your needs and obviously, the bigger the model, the more accessories you can add. First, you can add hobs (from the classical 4 hobs to six), the number of ovens, the number of grilles, steak grills, drawers.

Don’t forget the drawers! You can choose a classic style cooker to enrich your traditional kitchen with a timeless fascinating appliance. For your contemporary and trendy house, choose a contemporary style cooker with minimalistic lines for your full of personality kitchen!

In modern kitchens appliances are commonly positioned in a way that draws the attention on the design elements that complement the kitchen accessories selection. In recent years the most glamorous design has been represented by American style kitchens, where a long counter separates the cooking and the dining area. Such an option requires adequate space and a detailed planning. The other trend in the world of kitchen furniture is industrial style, characterized by accessories with minimalist, often metal structures.

A frequent change of the kitchen accessories allows to customize your kitchen at the best. However, in the designing phase it is possible to make choices that create an extremely personal environment through a careful matching of tones and materials. The choice can fall on soft tones and a neutral color palette if you wish to visually expand the space. Vibrant colors add energy and vitality to one of the rooms where time is spent the most in the house. A second factor to keep in mind concerns materials and design of the kitchen furniture items. In a modern furniture, steel is to be preferred as for the way it looks, as for its ecological and hygienic features. Plastic and certain resins are also interesting options.


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